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INS Exams

Dr. Emma and the entire staff at Immigration Medical Services are highly-focused on helping you navigate the Immigration Medical Exam process by providing you with fast, thorough I-693 exams and N-648 waivers in our convenient Avon, MA location.   We are Certified Civil Surgeons so please come in today for your exam and take your first step in becoming a US citizen.

Our staff is fluent in English, Spanish an Portuguese as well as some Italian, French, and Creole.






DOT exams for CDL drivers – Commercial Drivers are required to be in good health to protect the public, and increase the health of our workforce. At Dr. Emma’s office we offer screenings for commercial drivers license holders. We offer express care for our drivers, meaning they are seen quickly and wait time is minimal.

Contracts for businesses can be negotiated for business owners.

Dr Joseph D. Emma - INS Immigration Exams, DOT/CDL Exams


Here at Immigration Medical Services we understand how difficult it can be to obtain your U.S residency. Dr. Emma and the entire staff are dedicated to making things easier by providing you with quick and efficient service. Let us help you navigate the entire Immigration Medical Exam Process. Our immigration doctors are specially trained USCIS civil surgeons certified to perform INS Exams that only take up to 1-2 hours of your time. We’ll also complete the required paperwork.

Our mission is to provide affordable, reliable and convenient Immigration & DOT Exams..

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